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US ambitions: Our journey to obtaining Part 129
21. Dezember 2023
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29. January 2024

Adapting for a New Generation: Insights from AXIS Aviation's Interview on Business Aviation

In a recent interview, Jörg Sabitzer, the Accountable Manager at AXIS Aviation Austria, shared insights into how AXIS Aviation is aligning with the preferences of a new generation in the business aviation sector.

"At AXIS Aviation, staying ahead means understanding the evolving needs of the younger generation, especially luxury influencers," Sabitzer explained. "Our operations are adapting to meet their needs, placing a strong focus on sustainability."

Approach to Asset Management and Industry Leadership

To lead in adapting for a new generation, AXIS Aviation continues to manage assets with its proprietary end-to-end data platform. The emphasis is on transparency in managing assets and providing a personalized experience for each customer.

Diverse Fleet Catering to Individual Preferences

Discussing the fleet, Sabitzer highlighted the positive diversity of different aircraft types, including Bombardier, Cessna, and Dassault. "Ultra-long-range and long-range aircraft like Bombardier and Gulfstream are popular for Europe-US routes, as well as Dassault," he added.

US Charter Market, We're Certified!

Recent attainment of Part 129 Operations Specifications certification from the FAA positions AXIS Aviation well to serve the growing US charter market. Sabitzer expressed excitement about the increasing demand for intercontinental flights and the company's enhanced services for travel to and from popular US destinations.

Innovative Owner App for Transparent Access

Looking ahead, AXIS Aviation is developing an owner app set to launch later this year. "The owner app will provide real-time access to aircraft data, ensuring transparency in costs," Sabitzer shared.


For the complete interview, click here and navigate to page 44 in the PDF