At AXIS Aviation, we offer commercial aircraft services in Austria and Switzerland, as well as private aircraft operations in various jurisdictions.

We provide industry-standard aircraft management services, as well as the technology-enabled AXIS Beyond solution with the following features:

  • App-based flight management
  • Passenger application for your guests
  • Asset management service and overview
  • Aircraft reporting
  • Aircraft finance and transaction management


As our client, you’ll have a dedicated asset manager who provides personalised support and expert advice. Together with real-time data provided by the AXIS Beyond app, this lets you respond quickly to changing circumstances and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

With our family office approach, you’ll also have a concierge team that takes care of everything around the aircraft, including flight scheduling, operations, maintenance, warranty, safety and crew management.

Thus, you can focus on what matters most about your aircraft – your travels.


We offer both private and commercial operations in Switzerland and Europe through our Aircraft Operating Certificates, run by AXIS Aviation management software.

Air Operator Certificate Switzerland | Air Operator Certificate Austria


We transform your aircraft into a valuable asset with advanced data analytics that decode complex metrics into an easy-to-understand format. Our digitised solution presents all aspects of aircraft management in a single, integrated platform. From real-time asset tracking to effortless flight scheduling, you have the information you need to make informed decisions about the aircraft.

Legacy aircraft management solutions rely on manual processes, siloed data, and opaque structures, leading to cost inefficiencies and missed opportunities. In contrast, our personalised strategies and support empower you to maximise the potential of your aircraft and achieve your individual goals. Our platform identifies hidden costs and opportunities so that owners can get the most out of their asset.

With AXIS you can go beyond the standard aircraft operation solutions on the market and bring aircraft management into the present. Let us help you make data-driven decisions and remain informed on the performance of your asset.

  • Data-enabled decision making
  • Data transparency
  • Global Airline Network and jurisdiction flexibility
  • Technology-enabled aircraft asset management
  • Aviation in your pocket
  • Inhouse software


Through our Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) we dedicate a technical coordinator to the aircraft and crew, with knowledge of make and type to ensure effective oversight. We supervise the day-to-day repairs and checks, as well as scheduled maintenance. Our experienced team ensures the optimum use of aircraft warranties and maintenance programmes. If there is a claimable event, AXIS Aviation will defend the owner’s interests and asset up to the final settlement. In addition, our team will suggest appropriate programme changes or enrolment in line with the aircraft’s utilisation, life cycle and asset strategy.


The AXIS Aviation App simplifies the handling of personal itineraries and aviation needs. A dedicated concierge team is always available if needed. Using the AXIS App, from your phone you can effortlessly monitor the status of your trip, access a comprehensive summary of your flight schedule, and invite and notify guests without the need to coordinate itineraries or passport information.


The AXIS Aviation App makes it easy to offer charter flights and accept and manage charter requests. The application provides a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of chartering out an aircraft, including pricing approval and overseeing bookings. Additionally, the app allows users to conveniently book additional charter aircraft or flights within the same platform, streamlining the entire process and making it easy to manage all aviation needs in one place.

Whether for chartering out an aircraft or booking additional flights, the application provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process and provides a seamless experience.


We manage staff, and fill training requirements with bespoke simulator instruction and qualification. In addition, we recruit new staff and take care of their onboarding and quality standards. International employment is a challenge in today’s world, but our experts make sure that crew is properly secured and employed. Uniquely, we include all staff in our teams, integrate them and put them at the heart of your operation. We also equip staff with the latest tools and systems to provide you with the best possible service.


AXIS Aviation assumes overall responsibility for the complete oversight of aircraft operation. Our safety management system (SMS) is documented and is regularly reviewed for compliance with the latest regulations and best industry practices. We cover:

  • Quality assurance
  • Safety awareness
  • Safety policy
  • Risk management
  • Safety assurance

Our system, processes and finances are audited quarterly by the authorities as a larger Swiss and Austrian Operator.