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18. Dezember 2023
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21. December 2023

US ambitions: Our journey to obtaining Part 129 certification

We are proud to confirm that AXIS Aviation Austria is now able to offer charter flights from Europe to the United States having achieved Part 129 Operations Specifications (OpSpecs) certification, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

With demand for intercontinental flights on the rise, becoming Part 129 certified was an important step for our business, allowing us to serve the large and growing US charter market.

Having demonstrated that the aircraft we manage will be maintained in line with the operational provisions of Part 129, we’re looking forward to enabling clients to travel to and from our base in Europe to popular US destinations. such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Part 129 certification is a significant milestone and a testament to the quality of our service, as well as our ability to innovate and streamline our operations.

Here, we explore the steps we took to gaining certification, as well as the opportunities this will support in the future.

 The certification process

Having recognized that the US is one of the world’s largest charter markets, achieving regulatory approval to be able to sell charter flights to and from the country was an obvious next step to support our rapid growth trajectory.

This meant demonstrating compliance in several key areas, including the skills, competence and training of pilots and other air and ground personnel.

We also had to meet strict requirements around the operation of our aircraft – ensuring this is as standardized as possible to guarantee safety and efficiency – as well as the airworthiness of aircraft.

Aircraft carriers or operators need to showcase compliance across their organisation – and rightly so, given there can be no compromise on safety. Fortunately, our ground operations experts were on hand to ensure AXIS was able to demonstrate compliance and maintain this on an ongoing basis.

An exciting future

Becoming certified doesn’t only mean our aircraft can facilitate transatlantic charter flights to destinations across the US. It also enables more customers to enjoy the benefits of our proprietary data platform. We plan to disrupt the US market through our ability to provide real-time information on everything from scheduling and aircraft availability to costs and maintenance intervals via our app. 

The combination of our ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance and our innovative product offering lays the groundwork for an exciting future, as we expand outside Europe and support our clients in maximizing the value of their aircraft across the globe.