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As an aircraft management company there are several jobs that go on behind the scenes to ensure we can fly our aircraft and cater to our customers’ needs effectively.

The Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) team at AXIS Aviation is responsible for monitoring the maintenance of our fleet and connecting with subcontractors to keep up to date with Flight Ops, Compliance and Safety. It is their responsibility to adhere to EASA regulation, as well as NCC and AOC.

It’s safe to say that without CAMO engineers, our flights wouldn’t be able to take off from the ground.

Anupama Franklin joined our team of CAMO engineers earlier this year, having previously worked at Jet Aviation Business Jet AG Zurich, Airbus, Boeing and Gulfstream.

Anupama says: “The cooperation and interaction in our department is fantastic. While there are certainly challenges to overcome, we have formed a highly collaborative team that goes beyond just CAMO.

“It is a particularly exciting area of the business to work, particularly as AXIS Aviation prioritises digitalisation. Innovating our department to operate with a singular online platform, rather than paper-based tech logs and logbooks, has been hugely beneficial to not only our CAMO team but the entire organisation.”

We are delighted to have Anupama on board as part of our CAMO team at AXIS Aviation. Since joining earlier this year, Anupama has brought valuable expertise gained from her previous roles. Her commitment to excellence and creative problem-solving not only enhances our CAMO team but also contributes to the overall strength of our organization

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