Although the global business aviation sector is responsible for only 0.04% of the world’s CO2 emissions, we take Corporate Responsibility seriously across its Environmental, Social, and Governance dimensions, internally and in our dealings with customers and vendors. We also take this a step further, to make sustainability the easy choice for our customers. To be truly effective, sustainability needs to be the baseline, not an add-on. We revolutionise sustainability.


As a Sustainability Partner, we are committed to doing our part through offsetting, reduction strategies, and reporting, in line with

  • The European Union Green Deal 2030 and CORSIA Program, which will become mandatory in 2027, or
  • The IBAC/GAMA Net Zero by 2050 goal. We make it easy and transparent for our customers to participate.

Thus, we will soon be offering customised carbon offsetting solutions, so that our customers can fly carbon-neutral on an hourly basis and also for charter trip planning, as well as full green aircraft management on request.

Digitalisation meets sustainability

AXIS Aviation brings great benefits to our customers. An emissions calculator based on GHG protocols lets customers determine their carbon footprint online through an interface via app or website. We provide easy access to recommended social and local projects for offsetting.

We have implemented a comprehensive green policy within our organisation, such as optimising energy consumption, efficient flight planning, the use of ground power units, customised catering management including supporting small and local food suppliers worldwide, and more.

In the macro view, sustainability is intrinsic to what AXIS Aviation is all about. Since we make aircraft operation and management more transparent in every dimension, our customers are automatically incentivised to benefit from a green future by considering efficiency in their decisions.


Our social responsibility efforts have internal and external components.

Internally, we are committed to fair and equal compensation, inclusion, and recognition of our staff. We communicate openly and respectfully, and offer professional development opportunities. We participate in the Peer Programme from external providers. This supports flight crews’ wellbeing, to ensure the highest standards of safety for our customers.

Externally, we support projects that we consider worthy. One of our current projects is Teaka by Swiss Privata, a company that lets clients invest in sustainable teak plantations in Costa Rica. This is a combination of land purchase and subsequent individual leases via NTFs which provides the landowner with a calculable return and risks, while the leaseholder can expect an attractive return on the sale of the teakwood.