AXIS Aviation boosts carbon neutral efforts with Azzera
3. Juni 2024
AXIS Aviation boosts carbon neutral efforts with Azzera
3. Juni 2024

3. June 2024

Celebrating AXIS Aviation’s successes in the first half of 2024

By Kerstin Mumenthaler and Jörg Sabitzer, accountable managers at AXIS Aviation

The sun is out and summer is here. At AXIS Aviation, we’re getting ready to serve new demand during the peak travel season. We’ve already received an influx of inquiries from popular summer destinations like Ibiza, South of France and Italy, with charter customers looking to escape to coastal, sunny Europe and the Mediterranean.

As we look forward to the months ahead, we are reflecting on the series of milestones achieved in 2024 so far. From launching an in-house dispatch service to bolstering sustainability efforts, our advancements this year demonstrate our dedication to growth, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

Enabling efficient charter services

Establishing our own team of dispatchers in February brought crucial aspects of our operations under direct control. This strategic move has allowed us to improve communication, reduce response times, and enhance operational efficiency for our customers, including aircraft owners, operators, pilots and crew. The new team is based at our Vienna headquarters and actively contributes to our sustainability goals by planning flight paths that optimise fuel use. We also offer charter flights from Europe to the US, after gaining our FAA Part 129 Operations Specifications certification in 2023.

Introducing Starlink inflight Wi-Fi for our Gulfstream G650 charter customers made us one of the first operators in Europe to offer this cutting-edge connectivity on this aircraft type. Our clients can enjoy high-speed internet access at 51,000 feet, enhancing their travel experience. Whether flying for business or leisure, the ultra-long range G650 now offers even greater convenience and connectivity.

Expanding our global presence

We’ve expanded market access and strengthened regulatory compliance by securing an Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (AOC) in San Marino, adding to our existing certifications in Switzerland and Austria. The San Marino registry, known for its high standards of safety and efficiency, allows us to streamline operations and meet the increasing demand for our services. Our presence in San Marino, combined with our established teams in Europe, positioned us well for continued growth and enhanced customer service.

EMEA expansion continued throughout May as we integrated the aircraft management, flight operations and charter services of Absolute Aviation. Launching in South Africa saw AXIS Aviation gain two new bases in Johannesburg and Cape Town, each equipped with its own FBO facility. Now, we have more than doubled our global fleet and added a team of 35 professionals to our fast-growing portfolio, positioning us to meet the increasing demand for business aviation services throughout Africa and EMEA.

Innovating new levels of transparency

The team travelled to Geneva to attend EBACE in May, where we unveiled our innovative data-driven asset management platform. Designed to offer jet owners complete transparency, this platform integrates existing data feeds to provide real-time insights, simplifying asset management and decision-making. With mobile-first applications in development for both aircraft owners and crew members, we are set to revolutionise how flight information is accessed and managed, underscoring our focus on technological advancement and customer empowerment.

Our commitment to sustainability took a significant step forward in June with a new partnership with Azzera, an aviation sustainability solutions company. By integrating Azzera’s CELESTE emissions management software into our asset management platform, we are enabling our customers to monitor and offset their carbon footprint with real-time data. This collaboration offers full visibility into the impact of travel and makes it easier for our customers to engage in sustainability initiatives.

Committing to excellence

As we look ahead to the second half of 2024, AXIS Aviation remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, enhancing our offerings and pursuing sustainable growth. Our achievements thus far are a testament to our team's hard work and commitment to excellence. We look forward to continuing our journey of success, offering an unmatched experience for our jet owners and charter customers. Watch this space!