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12. Feber 2024

15. March 2024

The Art of Bespoke Travel

By Arianna Carcano, Head of Cabin, AXIS Aviation


There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to providing an exceptional travel experience. At AXIS Aviation, we believe every charter customer should receive an individually tailored service – throughout each stage of their journey – to properly meet their needs and exceed expectations.

That means our sales teams having detailed discussions with brokers at the earliest stages to analyse guests’ requests and ensure these can be met to the highest standard.

Our cabin crew team identifies and plans for special requests ahead of preparing the inflight service. Whether it’s a specific kind of beverage, favourite confectionary or particular brand of pet food for a four-legged-friend, our belief is that no requirement is too unusual, with our team committed to ensuring we meet passenger preferences.

This is also an opportunity to go above and beyond – discovering whether everything from birthdays, celebrations, significant holidays, or the presence of children or pets on board will allow us to provide an extra surprise to deliver an unmatched flight experience.


The truly tailored approach

True luxury involves providing customers with experiences they didn’t even realise they wanted. This should be on top of meeting any specific guest requests, while understanding the passenger’s profile and nationality.

For passengers who have previously chartered a flight, it’s important to have remembered their preferences and requests during this trip. Going a step further, beyond replicating a passenger’s past journey, represents an extra level of service. This might mean suggesting aircraft types or routes better suited to their upcoming trip. There will be times when exceeding customer expectations will involve offering options that they weren’t even aware existed.


The small details

It’s important to be across even the smallest details when arranging a charter flight. At AXIS Aviation, we once had a situation where a husband had not been able to join his wife on board. While this could have been a disappointing start to the journey, we arranged with her husband to provide flowers and a card, alongside her favourite music and food during the flight.

We’ve also had a request from a passenger with a gluten intolerance who wanted to celebrate their birthday with a specific type of cake that is popular in their home country. Being able to get a gluten-free version of what was already an unusual option wasn’t straightforward, but our willingness to find a way to make this happen transformed this passenger’s journey.

Ultimately, truly exceptional service means identifying what is important to each individual passenger – meeting and exceeding expectations by going above and beyond. From the cabin crew to the flight deck, total commitment to the right guest experience makes all the difference.


Choosing what’s right for you

With a range of business jet operators available, each offering a variety of bespoke travel packages, it can be difficult to know who to choose from. At AXIS Aviation, we make sure to work closely with our jet owners and charter customers to help them select each element of their journey to ensure it best suits their needs. From the moment your flight is booked until you arrive at your destination, we go above and beyond to not only match requirements but exceed all expectation.