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6. November 2023
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29. November 2023

16. November 2023

Meet the Team - Kerstin Mumenthaler

Today, we are spotlighting Kerstin Mumenthaler, accountable manager, Switzerland, as part of our Meet the Team series! 
“As accountable manager for Switzerland, I oversee flight operations and the overall business in the region. My primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of our operations and to uphold regulatory standards in all aspects of aircraft management. 
"Being a pilot on my own I am fascinated by every aspect of aviation, and I enjoy exploring technologically innovative solutions to ensure that we meet regulatory industry standards and optimise operational efficiency for our customers. 
“Drawing from my past roles in different management positions, I’ve gained valuable insights that directly inform my responsibilities of quality and risk management in my current position. Additionally, as the founder of aim4success, I have been able to use my knowledge of safety and business continuity management tools to implement advanced safety protocols that streamline and improve overall operations.   
“The most important challenge the industry faces today is the growing pressure to prioritise sustainability and we are taking a proactive approach in exploring the ways to protect the environment. Namely, a comprehensive green policy to optimize energy consumption, ensure efficient planning and support small and local food suppliers worldwide. 
“I love making new industry connections, so do reach out to me if you’d like to hear more about AXIS Aviation and our work.”